This lady on AFV had 27 raccoons in her yard and she was feeding them.  TWENTY-SEVEN!  I didn’t even think that was funny, just fortunate really.  Raccoons are amazing because:

1.  They have thumbs, or at least it APPEARS so.

2.  They wash their little faces.

3.  Umm, face masks.

4.  They are probably sticky.

5.  I think they eat sugar cubes and THEN attempt to wash their faces.

6.  Once there was a raccoon my brother named Thomas in our yard.  My mom called animal control who told her to call Tennessee Wildlife or something like that who then told her to call animal control who then told HER that she had their permission to “put it down.”  Sals informed them that she didn’t WANT to put it down, she wanted them to put it down but then finally just gave him some water and took the cats inside.

Oh shit.  What was I talking about?

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