I need to update this more often.

So I date someone who is obsessed with movies.  I am not a movie buff whatsoever, in fact, I tend to obsess over the wrong parts of movies, which is a point of contention between Rob and me.  On Friday night, we were watching Scream, because I had never seen it before.  Anyway we get to the part where Neve Campbell and her boyfriend have sex in one of the bedrooms at a friend’s party.

Me:  “Hold on, wait!  What is she doing?”

Rob:  “What do you mean, what is she doing?  They just did it.”

Me:  “What?  Yes, no, I get that.  I mean, what does she think she’s doing NOW?!”

Rob:  “She’s brushing her hair…”

Me:  “EXACTLY.  And whose hair brush is that?!  She’s in one of the many bedrooms of this mansion so WHOSE hairbrush is she using?!”

Rob:  “Who cares?”

Me:  “I care. I know it’s not hers.  She wasn’t carrying a purse with her and there’s no way a hairbrush of that size would fit in her pocket. I mean really, that is so rude.  I would hate it if someone used my hairbrush. It’s just nasty. Neve Campbell is such a jerk.”


Ten minutes of this and Rob has stopped the movie and I still don’t know whose hairbrush Neve Campbell was using.

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